Waterworks… or does it?

Facebook chums will know I’ve been experimenting with Bonnard inspired bathroom pics – and the good news is, HALLELUJAH ! the master bath is up and running. Yesterday took first bath at home since (well, since our departure, natch). It was lovely. There’s nothing like the depth and pitch of a clawfoot tub. Heaven.

One of the delicious, over the top, affluent joys of having a big-ass house is one must ask oneself, “How shall I do the hall bath? How shall I do the third floor bath? My heavens, how shall I do the master bath?” So wonderful, so silly and so ultimately unimportant. I love it very much.

20150723_115016                                                   20150725_102930                                                                20150627_094145
This Tuesday, I arrived full of purpose and full of bladder, left keys, phone and other paraphernalia on kitchen table, raced up stairs to brand new loo, grabbed the hook on the back of the bathroom door and pulled it shut, because all of the door knobs were stolen. Because, as the door clicked shut, I remembered there is no door knob, they were all stolen.
Correction: There are no door knobs to open any of the interior doors.

no knob

none here either and so on and so forth
Imagine, if you will, gentle reader, my thought process as I washed my hands and looked about my beloved master bath. It was hot today, friends.

I had an appointment at the Urban League (who’ve been amazing and with whom I credit my return to the grey goddess) within the next hour. The cell phone was on the kitchen table, the nearest neighbor at whom I might yell out the bathroom window for help is the hostile neighbor -she’ll get her own post, but not for some time. Below are two views from said bathroom window. View one is circa 2010, the second whilst locked in the bathroom.

The view out the bathroom window  in springtime

Note missing tree surreptitiously chopped down by hostile neighbor

Note missing tree surreptitiously chopped down by hostile neighbor

Needless to say. I was in a palaver. Or as my dad would say, it was a conundrum. As my husband would say, it was a quandary. But-

HALLELUJAH! Monday I removed an offending brass toilet paper holder which I find no longer pleasing.  I’m a messy chick, and Praise the Lord, I left the screwdriver in the bathroom. I had seen my plumber and a contractor open one of the doors which had been inadvertently shut (did I say I HAVE NO DOOR KNOBS?) with a screwdriver, so I knew it was possible to do this.
Important to be calm. Did I say it was hot Tuesday morning? One thought occurred to moi- failing all else, I could always take another bath, and use the loo, over and over again. After ten minutes, watching the square mechanism only move a millimeter or so, it opened.
THANK YOU JESUS! HALLELUJAH! Always an adventure. It’s just like MacGyver…. Only better.



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