The Joy of Upcycling

Post holiday ennui tends to kick in between- well, Thanksgiving and the end of the year, really. What most people suffer from in January,  I come down with in December. Part of the blessing/curse of being a trendsetter, I suppose.


Setting trends whilst battling ennui, head cold and limited resources

So! To get back into the swing of things, here's my Living Room Window Seat Recipe:

Ingredients: For the seat: discarded foam mattress topper, old expensive sheet for liner, expensive upholstery yardage, scissors, straight edge, marker, white packing tape, and some calm.



Faithful blogger folds said topper whilst employing straight edge, selfie stick and panache ALL AT THE SAME TIME

Cut the topper so as to replicate a foam seat of sorts, using the straight edge before the scissors so that the line is vaguely straight. Run the marker along the straight edge and cut. Next,  TAPE where ever possible so that the shape of topper fits perfectly albeit marginally. 


Yo, its a bit of upcycling.....


Cut a hearty length of some Barbara Barry for Baker (natch) fabric and then FOLD and tape all accordingly20151125_110022_resized_1



Prior to using the expensive upholstery fabric, take  the nice old sheet and wrap the taped foam concoction. THEN fold and tape as shown above.



Add a not regrettable pillow purchasing frenzy from Home Goods. And voila! Additional seating with a bunch of style.

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